Breast fed kids smarter?

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Breast fed kids are smarter than formula fed?
THis is something i have benn bumping on to on n on..and read this article on a study showing “breast fed kids are smarter”… yesterday.

Personally,being from India i have always believed that breast fed kids are more healthier,have more immunity towards diseases..forget diseases a properly breast fed kid seldom gets this common cold n far as i have noticed!!

I have breast fed Yuvan until he turned 1,means no formulas after i slowly introduced him to solids from 4 months…part from soilds his milk intake was Totally BF!! Yuvan hated formulas too..I dunno very weird he was …once i weaned him completely off…he took Formula…200 – 250 ml a day..split throughout the day!

Yuvan seldom gets this common cold n flu ,i have noticed..n he has the power to fight it off…since he is by birth has this environmental ezcema..he gets rashes at time..n being sensitive to enviro rough changes has got cold n cough..but not so often rt from day 1..touch wood!I believe it was cos he was breastfed!

But ..rt now i have seen n heard many ppl (Indians)not breast feeding (exclude the low secretion , other complications in which they are not advised to BF)for many reasons…rt from..” very troublesome..feeding her every now n then…” to stuborn ” i dont want to” from many of my generation Indians… both livign back home n abroad! M surprised n shocked though sometimes…cos the BF’g thing is in the blood of every Indian n the Family system out there back in India!!!!

But i have also seen mothers of all races who wnats to breast feed their kids until they are 1!!Kudoos!!


SO the highlights of the article..which u may find amazing as well wd compare with u are…

  • Children whose mothers breast-fed them longer and did not mix in baby formula scored higher on intelligence tests, the researchers in Canada and Belarus reported

          Mothers who breast fed are

  • Mothers who breast-feed or those who breast-feed longer or most exclusively are different from the mothers who don’t,”
  • They tend to be smarter. They tend to be more invested in their babies. They tend to interact with them more closely. They may be the kind of mothers who read to their kids more, who spend more time with their kids, who play with them more,”
  • The researchers measured the differences between the two groups using IQ tests administered by the children’s pediatricians and by ratings by their teachers of their school performance in reading, writing, math and other subjects.
    Both sets of scores were significantly higher in the children from the breast-feeding promotion group.
  • “It could even be that because breast-feeding takes longer, the mother is interacting more with the baby, talking with the baby, soothing the baby,”
  • These include fewer ear, stomach or intestinal infections, digestive problems, skin diseases and allergies, and less risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Chk this for all about breast feeding!!


3 thoughts on “Breast fed kids smarter?

    Bhony said:
    May 7, 2008 at 5:25 PM

    You r very much true Suhanya.. Glad, this issue has come to limelight. I wonder y certain women have no passion and find difficulties to Breast feed. After all its their own flesh who merely needs that. Thats a very nice article..hope this might give a twinge of guilt to those who doesn’t find interest to Breast feed.

    Suhanya responded:
    May 7, 2008 at 5:28 PM

    M happy to have wrote abt on of the important things a Mother Shd give her KId!

    Angeline said:
    May 7, 2008 at 5:35 PM

    Yup! Agree completely at every word!

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