Attachment to Specific Toys???

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Attachment to specific toys???

This is a question i have been thinking for a long time..The present day kids are attached to one or two toys among their loads of toys..depending upon their choice,personality n interest..

Most girls to stuffed toys like Barney,barbie..teddy ,books and so on..

Boys it varies from Barney to trains,fav ball ,their favourite cartoon character, buses,big trucks,cars ,books(non-gender specific) and the list goes on!!!

For me..personally however hard i try to recollect …was there any toy that i was so attached to ?,the answer is still “——————–” BLANK..i shd reconfirm with my mom!!

For Yuvan..he likes Mickey mouse,but he never has been hugging it or been with it continously…!once in a while he takes n shows its body parts to me “eyes..ears..mouth,teeth” very rarely hugs it…but i know he likes Mickey Mouse though!

Then came the puppetery kind of Barney in his life..he was quite attached,feeding it..talking with it..sleeping with it inside his bedspread ,making it sleep first …all these for few days or weeks if m not wrong….then off it went in to the toystorage!!!

Now Easwar bought him the minature THOMAS (some one month ago),the train which is his fav character..he jus loves it..n keeps under his pillow..carries it with him to cold storage..for his walk with me..,keeps it besides him whiel he coloours,reads his picture books…everywhere..

but soemtimes he will forget abt it for two days..n suddenly he will say ‘ amma..Thom..( he calls THomas as Thom)”n go bring it and keep it close to him…

SO funny..but so interesting as well..does it in a way tell their character????

Have u ever had any kind of toy attachments or does u’r kids have?


6 thoughts on “Attachment to Specific Toys???

    Suhanya responded:
    May 4, 2008 at 10:06 AM

    ANgel…Rt..u got the nail out!!!
    Yep..i never had any serious toy does YUvan!!!

    And absolutely corect abt this pillow thing..have seen many Kids…wow..wat an attachment!!!i agree ..agree agree!!!

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