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Yuvan ‘s PlaySchool was closed for three days from last Thursday!!n then i sent him in half hearted on Monday..n teacher told me..””all fumigated” one new case yesterday..but she had been to school from fumigation is effective..
u can send him today!!! “so total attendance was 8/15..two parents came back n took the kids home 30mts into the class…

wat is all about??? Its all on Hand Foot and Mouth Disease !!!

The whole last month i have been hearing from Yuv’s playmates Mom’s at the Playground,
that ITz in air..and they are worried..i was also given the pamphlet on symptoms..all those things at the playgroup..1 week passed by…..then… on last Thursday..went to leave Yuv
at school 5 mins late….(we were already getting late…rt down at first floor in lift..Yuv said he wants to do potty….i sd ok…n took him back home..then he luck…rushed him to school”)..,i saw all kids n parents standing outside..teacher was telling that One of the kids in Yuv’s batch had got it n so how?so none of us want to send them..then school was also closed for three days as per regulation…

fumigated n opened on Monday..Then it was all happened what u read in the beginning!!!

When i picked Yuv up..teacher sd” one kid couldn’t eat.. so watch out” – to the parent!!!
So i was so confused whether to send Yuvan the next day( ie today )or not?

But ultimately My confusion won!! called up the teacher n told her that m holding back Yuv for two days!!!she too told me..”OK..will update u tomo evening!!!”

What i donn want is (I hope Yuv wont get it) for him to get this mildly also which may have an impact on him!!!!on everything..physically…his talking skills…and what pain these kiddos will go thru!!
i dunno..m worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Hope Yuv doesn’t get it n Pray that all Kids get well soon!!!!


2 thoughts on “Scare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

    The New Mom on the Blog said:
    April 16, 2008 at 2:23 AM

    Yo! girl, I am really feeling a little eerie about this brain waves of yours! I am catching it like a virus you know!

    I JUST blogged about this HFMD thingy half hour ago!!!

    Do we really think alike? Hmmm…I am getting alittle spooky here…*wink*

    Suhanya said:
    April 16, 2008 at 9:38 AM

    ME toooo feel the same..when i read abt the positive..exp speaks more than warnings post..i was abt to write on the same line!!!

    I think in more than a way v do think Alike!!!

    V shd catch up sooner !!!he he he

    take care..

    i like u’r “WInk” always

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