My Childhood frens!!!!!!!!!!!

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Childhood frens???
I have always been with frens rt from my young..but whomsoever i had been taken true..i still have them in my life!!!!!!!M happy abt it!!Blessed M!!
here i go..

Thinking abt mine..
My first ever fren n still she is my good fren~~Priya~~is my cousin who is 2 years elder to me..though v dont speak over the phone very often ,v do catch up once inva while in a big long overseas call!!!else thru emails..but still whenever v meet (since the time i started living in SG,its been once a year or to be precise whenever i go to India)..its a feeling that only v both can fel n v love being times…But i know v have a spl bond!!! which v both knew n cannot be explained..rT?But Its more of understanding i will say!!! V have a mutual respect for each other bonded with love and understanding!!!!i Simply cherish her!!ANd to add as a cherry on the cake..she was my Best woman at my wedding…Was there during my baby shower..visited me at the hospital the same day when Yuvan was born and she spent solid 3 hrs with me until it was 10pm…She adores Yuvan!!

Then..~~Viji~~My first ever fren at school when i was in Standard 1,ie when i was abt 4.5 years old…then the legacy continued until she got married…!!!!v studied together from 1-5 standards,11th,12th..then v were at difft colleges..then she got married…v totally lost tuch after after 4 years v are back in tuch..regularly!!!!!!! waw…. wat a feeling!!!!!!!!!!!

Then her Younger sister ~~ Latha~~ also my notable Childhood fren..still in tuch!!

After this…Until i was in my Std 8,i never had any close frens..then came MY True Best Friend i shd say ~~Akhila~~v were like………..i jus cant say it with words!!Until now the legacy continues though v were a bit off in the middle for few years…now v are back on the track…like we were 14 years back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wowwwwwwww..Kudoos to u My dear Fren Akhila!!M happy to have u in my life!!(again!!)

Only they three can b classified as my childhood frens..though i have alot of memories…
And m really happy n proud that i still have them in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!n will have until my last breath!
rest of all comes under close frens after My age of 16…?that means i shd blog under a difft topic rt?

SO will b Contd!!!!


2 thoughts on “My Childhood frens!!!!!!!!!!!

    The New Mom on the Blog said:
    April 15, 2008 at 9:32 AM

    So happy for you! It actually tells alot about what kind of person you are! You are a gem!

    My longest childhood friend is Yvonne, we have known each other for 22 years. Ain’t I old? You betcha!

    Suhanya said:
    April 15, 2008 at 9:50 AM

    I think the comment u told wil b in my mind forever..!!!!Thanks A Ton!

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