Yuv’s Early Childhood Frens..How abt Mine?

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Click to play Yuvan n Sam

Yuvan has a very close fren for his age by name SAm..he is his playgroup classmate!!!now they play together every evening almost!!Sam comes to our placee..spends a day..Yuv goes there..stays for a day!!wow..

And whoever goes first to school first will wait until the next one comes n then they go together!!hugs..kisses on cheeks..cries when they depart..sometimes hugs n says byes while departing!!!shares everything…toys..bikes…snacks..and shared bathroom for bathinggg when Yuv had been there at Sam’s place last week..(see pics)

He also has two good frens in Ashwin m karunya though he is so attached to Sam!!!Even the play group teacher knows this n she also makes fun n enjoys seeing them do things togther..they have started learning new words from each other!!n wat not???

M so happy for them…Thinking of them..now i have the feel to blog abt my first ever fren..childhood frens??but a lil later..cos tons to write..so let me cut it short now!!!
Kudoos Yuvan n Sam!!!
(To be continued…)


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