My Lil Tadpole!!!

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Its been 5 posts now..n i My son will kick me if i donn introduce him ..Yes..I have a Son Named Yuvan..who is 2 years n 2 months old..

Yuvan Means -Young Man

So he is a very very active toddler..Luves To play with balls..a lot.!!like to play outdoor.. go for a walk…now -a days his latest passions are his new tricycle n his own Badminton racquets..Plays all the while inside teh home with his racquet in his own way..keeping the racquet down on the floor,then on to it the shuttle n then lifts the racquet n swings..n he luves it!!n does it again n again until he is tired of it..n then goes cyclinggggggg..

Itz been a month since he started his play new frens n the teacher says all the four Indians at the playschool has formed a “GANG” n all all “active” i pity the teacher!!
He luves going to school..carries his own back pack..walks all the way to school n back…mmmm

He was stressing me a lot on his language part until 3 months back..But now after a2 months vacation to India n now to playschool..he has started a quite a lot of words..tries to communicate more with words rather than gestures!!
his recent inclusion to the vocabulary are “come,give,tub”
Forgot to mention..His fav cartoon charachter in Mickey Mouse..he’s mad behind MM i shd say,..he chose his water bottle with Mickey n Minnie..sleeps with Mickey Plush toy by his side!!Luves to watch n dance like mad for Mickey Mouse Club house!!!

He can understand every single thing v speak In English or when v want to say something which Yuv doesn’t wanna know we spell the words inbetwn a sentence.. how funny??!!!

So will b posting more on my Lil Tadpole soon…planning to post on his growing up too..lemme see how well i can do it!!

2 thoughts on “My Lil Tadpole!!!

    The New Mom on the Blog said:
    February 29, 2008 at 1:52 AM

    he is sooooo adorable! Look at those eyes!!!

    Suhanya said:
    March 2, 2008 at 3:47 PM

    Hey Angel…

    Thanks a lot for u’r compliments..!!
    will Let know Yuvan!

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